054: Kara Rudin of Kara Rudin Law Offices discusses going out on your own and not looking back.

Kara RudinWhat makes a Lawpreneur?  Listen in as Kara Rudin, of Kara Rudin Law Offices, talks to us about her journey, and what it takes to go out on your own. Kara is an estate planning attorney located in Huntington Beach, California. She assists families and individuals with their estate planning needs such as trust administration, wills and advanced healthcare directives. Realizing that each client’s goals, personal needs, and family are unique, she embraces this and creates estate planning documents by tailoring them specifically to each individual client.


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Fail fast to succeed faster

  • Kara discusses her big challenge in learning and keeping up with technology.

Tell us something good

  • Kara talks about how as a Lawpreneur and a mom, everyday working with clients is a victory.
  • Kara also discusses the power of networking and finding power partners in your network circle to improve your business.

Favorite Resource

  • 8×8 phone service. It allows Kara to transfer calls to her cell and listen to voice mails via e-mail.
  • ProVisors.  ProVisors® is a community of professionals who serve their clients as trusted advisors and share the highest standards of integrity, performance and accountability. ProVisors promotes and enables relationship building, information sharing and collaboration among its members for the benefit of their clients and one another (and you).

Favorite Books:

  • The Shadow of the Wind (The Cemetery of Forgotten Book 1) Young Daniel is taken by his bookseller father to the Cemetery of Forgotten Books, a massive sanctuary where books are guarded from oblivion. Told to choose one book to protect, he selects The Shadow of the Wind, by Julian Carax. He soon learns it is both very valuable and very much in danger because someone is determinedly burning every copy of every book written by the obscure Carax.

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