MirandaLawpreneur Miranda McCroskey is a partner at the international law firm of Wilson Keadjian Browndorf in Irvine, California. Prior to joining WKB, Miranda was the owner of McCroskey Legal where she was a sole-practice attorney.  She graduated Loyola Law School in Los Angeles in 1996, and spent her early years as an attorney working for the federal and local government. and as an associate in private practice.  After outgrowing and leaving her associate position in 2003, and exhausted from the job hunt, she decided that, for that day, if she could just pull in $100 she wouldn’t have to get a job.  She managed to find $100 that day, and continues to do so (and more), thirteen years later – but not without the advice and counsel of many who had gone before her. “Lawpreneur Radio” comes out of her entrepreneurial spirit, and her recognition that lawyers need to learn how to run their practices as a business.  Therefore, Lawpreneur Radio is a community where members are both lawpreneurs who’ve figured out how to hang their shingle and thrive, and the many vendors that support them, and others who are wondering how or longing to take the first step or, maybe, gigantic leap. Miranda’s latest venture, The Inspired Lawyer, is where we inspire and educate people on how to live an inspired life though igniting their passion, knowing their impact and practicing an inspiration inquiry. Listen to the podcast and read the blog at www.TheInspiredLawyer.com. We are available for speaking and coaching. Miranda’s hope is that young attorneys fresh out of school, older attorneys looking at self-employment as a version of retirement, exhausted Big Law attorneys with dreams of being their own boss, and any other willing listener, will tune in to be inspired, educated and entertained by the storytelling of the Lawpreneur’s journey.