226: Ajay Prasad of GMR Transcription discusses building a new business with us.

Ajay PrasadAjay Prasad is the Founder of GMR Transcription which is a successful web based transcription and translation business built from scratch.  Ajay is also the Founder and President of Global Marketing Resources, LLC, a California website design, maintenance and marketing agency. He is a successful entrepreneur and business strategist with a broad variety of experience in helping small and medium size businesses maximize their return on investment from the Internet.  Ajay has authored several books and eBooks to help small businesses navigate web strategy.  He co-authored “Plant Your Online Biz Money Tree” to help entrepreneurs start web based businesses. He has also authored “Local Search Marketing Secrets Unveiled” that is available on his website for free.  Prior to starting GMR, Ajay had over 17 years of marketing & business management experience at senior executive positions in marketing at large, medium size, and start-up companies. His work experience includes working for Fortune 10 companies and entrepreneurial startups including a VC startup. Outside of work, Ajay likes to play golf and travel to different countries.

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  • Ajay discusses the value of transcription.  He tells us that he first had the idea when he needed to have his own recording transcribed.  When he set up his first version of the website and had several requests for transcription, he knew he was on to something.  Attorneys use the service to transcribe interviews to improve their case success.
  • According to Ajay, podcasters use the service to add searchable material to their websites to improve the success of webcrawlers.
  • Listen as Ajay explains the genesis of his book Plant Your Online Biz Money Tree and how it is based on the principles he has used to creat GMR Transcription and GMR Webteam.

Books by Ajay:

  • Plant Your Online Biz Money Tree A truly comprehensive guide to starting your online business, growing your business online, and expanding your business online! If you plan to be online in any way, and you should be, then this book is a must buy! Before you spend another dollar.
  • Local Search Marketing Secrets Unveiled Save thousands of dollars in expenses and opportunity cost by avoiding getting ripped off by unscrupulous vendors offering local search marketing.

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