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Ten Tips from Lawpreneurs

(in no particular order)


10.   Dropbox  – a file backup, sync, and sharing solution – provides extreme convenience.  You can assist a client even if you’re at Disneyland with your kid!  One of the benefits of being a lawpreneurs is your “location independence.”  Go mobile!

9.     Develop a brand and stick with it.  (i.e. a consistent color scheme on business cards and website, or slogan).  The brain thinks in pictures so your color and logo will trigger people to think of you.

8.     Network.  Whether it’s BNI, Le Tip, ProVisors, Chambers, or your kids’ baseball team, get out there and be known.  It will pay off eventually.  Let people get to know and like you.  People do business with people they like.

7.     Develop a niche.  Specialists get paid more than generalists.  In the beginning lawpreneurs might want to practice “door law,” and take anyone who comes to their door….do that if you must, but focus on that niche along the way.  It will pay off.

6.    Create yourself as an expert in your chosen area.  Write articles, speak on the subject, write an e-book.  Let your website display your knowledge.  Do not wait until you believe you’re an expert – – go for it.

5.  Invest in your legal community.  Your local bar association is a wealth of opportunity.  Other attorneys are great referral sources.

4.  Ask for a mentor.  We all need someone to bounce ideas off of.  Be brave, approach an attorney you admire, and take them to lunch.   Generally, they’ll say yes.  People love to show off what they know.

3.  Get a good calendaring system.  Put all the structures in place that you can such that you never miss an appearance or deadline.  When you’re solo it’s all on you to get it right so make sure you’re supported.

2.  Live in the 21st century.  For me, my iphone and ipad are my mobile office.  And I only tap into the basics of what they can do.  Invest in the tools available and learn how to use them.

1.  Just Do It.  Leap.  Go for it.  Choose and Move.

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