149: Jason Tashea of Recht Plan Solutions discusses ExpungeMaryland.org with us.

Jason Tashea HeadshotJason Tashea of Recht Plan Solutions graduated from the University of Oregon School of Law in 2012. Since then he was a Fulbright Fellow to Kosovo, where he researched their juvenile justice system. He was the juvenile justice policy director at Advocates for Children and Youth in Baltimore, Maryland. And more recently he is the co-creator of ExpungeMaryland.org, an automated website that helps Marylanders understand if they can expunge their criminal records and how to find pro or low bono legal help. Jason is a Legal Tech and Criminal Law Consultant at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City and co-founder of the National Expungement Project.

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Fail fast to succeed faster

  • Jason tells us that right out of law school he started his own non-profit.  He learned from this to focus on solving problems where other people are looking for that solution.
  • Jason explains that he trained primarily to do policy work and that turned out to not be as fulfilling as he was expecting.

Tell us something good

  • ExpungeMaryland.org has been a tremendous success.  Early on Jason and his business partner John quickly became knows as experts and began speaking on the subject.
  • Jason and John have been focusing their attention on scaling the concept to a national level.
  • One of the great values that Jason sees in this expansion is the ability to collect data and learn from it in real time.

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