158: Eight Success Track Essentials with Bill Jawitz of SuccessTrackEsq

billjawitz2014Bill Jawitz, founder of SuccessTrack ESQ is a law practice development consultant and coach who’s worked exclusively with attorneys since 2012 to become more fulfilled, successful practitioners.

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Eight Essential of Powerful Productivity: 

1.  Effective Daily Planning

2.  Capturing and Reviewing Tasks

3.  Prioritizing and Scheduling

4.  Effective Delegation/Supervision

5.  Organization – Physical, Digital and Email

6.  Optimizing Procedures

7.  Setting Expectations and Boundaries

8.  Applying Self-Awareness

Here are the tools that Bill referenced in the conversation:

Favorite Resource

  • Me Mail app by Day One Design – MeMail does one thing exceptionally well: send quick emails to a pre-set address. Email yourself reminders or notes? Just launch, type, and send — that’s it! No fishing around for the right contact. Simply set your address the first time you open the app and you’re good to go.

Favorite Books:

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