064: Aaron Wilson of Omnisoft discusses why you need to back up your computer and other IT needs

Aaron Wilson HeadshotWhat supports a Lawpreneur?  Join us as we hear from Aaron Wilson about his journey since he joined OmniSoft Inc. over 10 years ago. He is responsible for overseeing as well as implementing network security, web-design, web-filtering and information systems for schools and small business. He has supervised system administration for specialized data center for satellite testing. He is also a key contributor to services for data encryption/protection, information backup and archiving, and specialized information tool development. Outside of work he is busy keeping up with his son. One of his favorite hobbies is building model helicopters.


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Fail fast to succeed faster:

  • Listen as Aaron tells how when he got bored managing a Blockbuster Music store he choose to move in to computers.
  • Aaron discusses the lesson he learned early from a client who thought they knew more than he he did about the system that was being developed and installed

Tell us something good:

  • Hear Aaron’s enthusiasm as he talks about being deeply involved in software development for the GOES weather satellite systems
  • Aaron explains that they also developed the data recording system for the data that flowed back from those systems


  • Aaron describes the three primary system development processes they offer
    • Educational systems for schools (including helping to seek supporting funding outside what the school budget has available)
    • Legal Firms from the Lawpreneur all the way to firms with 30+ employees
    • Finalcial Firms ( including support to ensure that FINRA audits are passed)

Favorite Resource:

  • DropBox is a free service that lets you bring your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them easily.  Never email yourself a file again!
  • Jungle Disk offers a lot, with scheduled secure online backups, folder syncing, and a shared drive

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