040: Stephen Kaufman of Kaufman Steinberg, LLP discusses Family Law

stephen kaufmanWhat makes a Lawpreneur? Stephen Jay Kaufman, Esq. is a principal attorney and partner at Kaufman Steinberg LLP. With more than twenty years of experience, Steve is an expert in matters pertaining to divorce, child custody, guardianship, property division, spousal support and child support. He has great skill and experience in complex business and professional practice issues, representing clients with assets between one and fifty million dollars.

Steve is passionate about custody issues, and takes great care to insure all children, including those with special needs, are cared and provided for. Steve is also passionate about helping those who are victims of domestic violence find a safe environment during divorce proceedings. Steve is very proud of the work he has done helping domestic violence litigants reclaim their lives and the lives of their children. He is recognized for consistently caring for his clients and ensuring that they are able to reconstitute their lives after divorce.

Steve has also represented litigants from a wide variety of businesses and industries. Steve’s business experience, as well as his advocacy for business owners, professionals and entrepreneurs brings his clients a wealth of knowledge on issues regarding division of complex assets, closely held interests, professional practices and high net-worth estates.


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Fail fast to succeed faster

  • Early in his career, Stephen partnered with someone who was not compatible with him. Through this, Stephen learned that you must know who you are, and what to expect when choosing a partner.
  • Stephen also notes that one should not act precipitously without having a good plan or doing research. It is important to consult with others.

Tell us something good

  • As a family lawyer, Stephen appreciates that there is more than money that is at stake for his clients — it is about effecting a positive difference in an individual’s life.
  • Stephen helped a domestic violence victim change the course of her life.

What’s on your desk?

  • Stephen regularly deals with property issues, and is currently working on splitting a $28 million dollar empire that entails several complex business issues. Stephen also evaluates professional practices.

Favorite Resource

  • Abacus – calendar management
  • Timeslips – billing
  • Dissomaster – calculates CA spousal and child support

Favorite Books:

  • Many Lives, Many Masters: The True Story of a Prominent Psychiatrist, His Yo As a traditional psychotherapist, Dr. Brian Weiss was astonished and skeptical when one of his patients began recalling past-life traumas that seemed to hold the key to her recurring nightmares and anxiety attacks. His skepticism was eroded, however, when she began to channel messages from the “space between lives,” which contained remarkable revelations about Dr. Weiss’ family and his dead son. Using past-life therapy, he was able to cure the patient and embark on a new, more meaningful phase of his own career.
  • Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife Near-death experiences, or NDEs, are controversial. Thousands of people have had them, but many in the scientific community have argued that they are impossible. Dr. Eben Alexander was one of those people. A highly trained neurosurgeon who had operated on thousands of brains in the course of his career, Alexander knew that what people of faith call the “soul” is really a product of brain chemistry.

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