014: Amara Omoregie of AmaraREPS Marketing and Business Development Expert

Amara OmoregieWhat supports a Lawpreneur?  Listen as Amara Omoregie of AmaraReps shares what she provides to Lawprenuers, her own entrepreneurial journey, and her advice to you.

Amara Omoregie, Marketing & Business Development Expert from her Agency AmaraREPS out of Newport Beach and Long Beach, CA.

She’s been providing Sales and Marketing services for 10+ years, to a growing number of clients in various industries. She’e worked with 400+ clients over the years, including Spectrum Athletic Clubs, Pom Wonderful, Toyota, and McCroskey Legal to name a few.


“Oh, man!”

Stepping out on her own, not wanting to say NO to more work, listen as Amara plans for growth  and gets additional reps on board.

…and “Oh, yeah!”:

Her business is growing and she is teaching marketing classes.

Current Business:

Agency AmaraREPS out of Newport Beach and Long Beach, CA.

Favorite Resource:

“30 sec elevator speech” Be clear about what you do and how you help people.
Listen in for 3 quick marketing tips.

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