073: Mary Wenzel of Write Law discusses marketing copy-writing for law firms

mary wenzelMary Wenzel, J.D. is the founder and co-owner of Write Law (www.write-law.com), a legal copywriting company. Through Write Law, Ms. Wenzel provides educational seminars for attorneys looking to learn how to write their own website content and blogs. She also provides ghostwriting services for firms who would prefer to outsource the task of writing their own marketing copy. Outside of the office, Ms. Wenzel is an avid runner, an advocate for women owned businesses and a fan of chardonnay.


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Fail fast to succeed faster

  • Listen as Mary tells us when she realized that she couldn’t do everything herself.  A forced “time out” caused her to grow a team.
  • Mary discusses that as part of the creation of the team and business, she discovered that her skill set wasn’t “that” unique – an attitude that allows her more freedom.

Tell us something good

  • Hear how Mary was invited to teach copy-writing to a group of attorneys and that she was proud to offer value to them and to have them leave with action items.

What’s on your desk?

  • Creating online educational courses for legal marketing; including Legal Marketing 101, Legal Blogging Bad Ass, and Website Content.
  • Assisting clients with website redesign and website copy.
  • Providing a monthly ghost writing service for blogging.
  • Email marketing campaigns.

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