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146: Marc Cerniglia of One Marketing discusses Internet Marketing for Law Firms with us.

Mark CernigliaMarc co-founded One Marketing three years ago with a passion to help lawyers and professionals get more out of their internet marketing, and understand where they are often led astray by other internet marketing firms. Marc is the primary Account Manager and handles all client relationships.

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Fail fast to succeed faster

  • Marc tells us that when he and his partner first started the were not focused.
  • Listen as Marc tells us that he discovered that a “niche makes you rich.”

Tell us something good

  • Marc explains that One Marketing differentiates itself from other internet marketing companies by asking the question:  What can we do online to stay top of mind?  To increase referrals?
  • Hear how they have built a successful business by going against the grain of convention in online advertising.

How do you support a Lawpreneur?

  • One Marketing helps a Lawpreneur measure ROI  through untackable methods.  For example attorney increase referrals or when a potential new client comes in the door the deal is “halfway done” because the internet presence did the majority of the selling.
  • That ROI is difficult to track and it is experiential.
  • Marc specifically recommends creating Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) videos and placing them in your newsletter, social media and a website library.

Favorite Resource

  • Trello lets you see everything about your project in a single glance.

Favorite Books:

  • The E-Myth : Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It .  In this expanded edition of The E-Myth, business guru Michael Gerber adds new information from both small and Fortune 500 companies to guide people through a business’ developmental growing pains, showing them how to turn around a business that doesn’t work into one that works in a predictable and profitable way.

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Miranda McCroskey – host of Lawpreneur Radio

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