022: Laura Meier of The Meier Law Firm discusses Building a Law Firm with Purpose

Laura-MeierWhat makes a Lawpreneur?  Listen as Laura Meier with the Law office of  Meier Law Firm , shares what inspired her to hang out her shingle, and her advice to you.

Laura Meier is the Founder of the Meier Law Firm, a family trust and estate planning law firm focused on guiding families with young children. She owns her practice with her husband Joshua Meier, and they are the parents of four young children.

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Fail fast to succeed faster

  • Beware of replicating the things that did not work in Big Law as a Lawpreneur.  Know your ideal client, what services you will provide, and be sure those things align with who you are professionally and personally.

Tell us something good

  • When Laura received the suggestion that she’d be a great estate planning attorney multiple times she knew that was the area of law for her.  Listen as she describes her journey.

What’s on your desk?

  • Estate planning, focusing on families with young children.

Favorite Resource

  • The Meier Law Firm’s Weekly newsletter
  • Ruby Receptionists
  • DropBox
  • InfusionSoft
  • Laura’s  favorite resource for mastering her practice field of estate planning is Wealth Counsel.
  • Laura’s  favorite resource for building her law practice is Alexis Neely’s Personal Family Lawyer program.

Favorite Books:

  • Laura has a new book coming out this August called “My Kids Minus Me: the Essential Guide to Estate Planning for Parents of Young children.”
  • Motivational books by Joel Osteen

Favorite Quote of the Show in a One Minute Clip

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