205: Laura L. Bromlow of Bromlow Law discusses Elder Law and Special Needs Planning with us.

Laura Bromlow Head ShotLaura Bromlow of Bromlow Law is an Elder Law and Special Needs Planning attorney in Long Beach, California.  She is passionate about helping people who are stressed out because of the issues their aging loved ones or their loved ones with special needs are facing.  She is a wife and a mother of two and understands family is a priority.

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Fail fast to succeed faster

  • Laura reminds us that every failure leads to a success.
  • Hear Laura talk about the Open House that she recently hosted for her firm.  Only 10 people showed up and 8 of them were her in her support network.  She tells us that she learned the value of scheduling and the value of marketing.

Tell us something good

  • Laura relates that she gets a personal reward with each family that she helps to relieve a little of the strain and stress of an aging parent.
  • Laura tells us that one of her biggest professional successes came just recently when she launched her new website and created an online professional presence.

What’s on your desk?

  • Special Needs trusts to help protect public benefits when an individual is receiving an inheritance or a personal injury case settlement or award.
  • She also works with beneficiaries of such trusts and the trustees to make sure that the beneficiaries needs are being met.

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