005: Kelly M. Knight of Law Offices of Kelly Knight will be discussing “The Art of Opening and Maintaining a Successful Criminal Defense Practice in Your Thirties”.

Kelly Knight HeadshotWhat makes a Lawpreneur?  Listen as Kelly Knight of Law Offices of Kelly Knight shares what inspired her to hang out her shingle, and her advice to you.

Kelly Knight is a 34 year old criminal defense attorney that has been practicing criminal defense law since June of 2006 and currently runs her own firm in Orange County. Her office is located in Tustin and she handles primarily state-level criminal cases ranging from driving under the influence, domestic violence, fraud, juvenile delinquency, felony drug possession and sales, all the way up to serious and violent crimes such as kidnapping and robbery cases. She has worked consistently in Orange County, and has practiced a significant amount in Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, and San Diego County. She worked for another prominent criminal defense attorney for her first four years before she decided to take on the challenge of hanging her own shingle. The lawpreneur’s “Oh, man!”

Lawpreneurs all have those “silent” months when the phone does not ring.  Anyone would say, “Oh man…”

…and “Oh, yeah!”:

Landing a big case will generate an “Oh yeah!” Listen as Kelly explains.

Current Business:

Kelly’s case load is extensive and diverse:  from juvenile defense to murders.

Favorite Resource:

Kelly uses Accesslaw (for affordable legal research), and relies on the CEB Criminal Law Practice and Procedure, aka “The Bible” (for a lead on any issue you are researching).

Best Read:
Rich Dad Poor Dad;

for the trial attorney Kelly highly suggests the documentary Murder on a Sunday Morning for an inspiring look at the life-changing effect our work can have on not just for the accused, but for the betterment of society and the protection of individual rights.