003: Karie Armstrong of TK Armstrong Discusses Essential Steps to Help You Avoid Belly Flops as You Expand Your Business.

Karie Armstrong Head Shot 001What serves a Lawpreneur?  Listen as Karie Armstong of TK Armstrong and Associates, Inc. shares how investing in strategic planning up front can serve a lawpreneur.  As Lewis Carroll pondered, if you don’t care where you’re going it doesn’t matter which way you go.  However, if you have a destination in mind Karie will help you find your way.

TK Armstrong and Associates, Inc. is a dynamic full-service consulting firm that specializes in business management solutions from the inside out. Through collaborative and concise analysis, they develop and implement strategic plans for business operations, marketing & branding, financial analysis, and capital improvements.

After twenty-two years managing multi-million dollar enterprises in the shopping center industry, Karie Najemnik Armstrong rode the wave of courageous change and created her own firm, where she could combine her strategic-planning, team-developing, leadership and coaching skills to assist businesses in growing, launching, or repositioning. As a business coach and strategist, Karie focuses on empowering the business owner to take the right risks, stack the right skills and actions, and get results. Her inherent desire to answer the question “Why?” combined with the determination and strategy of becoming a competitive springboard diver, blended with twenty-two years of bringing teams together to generate profits of more than $31 million each year, and award-winning success in launching new businesses at the SBDC, uniquely qualify her to assist the business owners who cross her path. A native Southern Californian, Karie resides in Orange County with her family.

Karie’s “Oh, man!”
Outside circumstances can change on you quickly.  Listen as Karie tells us how it happened to her, and how she dug in to dig out.

…and “Oh, yeah!”:

Karie’s oh yeah! moment came out of a breakdown that lead to a breakthrough.  She gained clarity as to whose needs she was to be serving in her business…whose pain was she solving.  And having the right clients has made all the difference.

Current Business:

Karie is a strategic planner and business coach.  She serves Lawpreneur by helping them see the “snake pits” as they start their businesses.

Favorite Resource:

Trendwatching.com gives one a better global perspective on what’s going on out there beyond our front doors.

Karie enjoys bloggers Jonathan Fields and Marie Forleo  (Marie Forleo has been featured by Oprah as a thought leader for the next generation. She’s here to help you create a business and life you love.)  Fields and Forleo tbased leadership style riddled with humor and vulnerability.

Karie also has a blog called “A Plunge from the High Dive: Double-Dog-Dares and the Lessons they Teach

Best Read: 
Selling with Synchronicity: The 7 Inner Shifts that Make Selling Fun & Easy:by Ursula Mentjes.  In Selling with Synchronicity, Sales Expert and Coach Ursula Mentjes expands the sales conversation beyond the selling process, and even the principles of her bestselling book Selling with Intention, into the realm of quantum physics, where ease, flow, and fun replace hard work, inconsistency, and frustration. On a mission to help Entrepreneurs and Sales Professionals quickly and easily make a lot of money so they can give back to the organizations they care about and live a powerful life, Ursula is sharing the 7 Inner Shifts that she made to transform a sales team losing tens of thousands of dollars every month into one that generated millions monthly, to grow her own business exponentially in a short amount of time, and to make Selling with Intention a bestseller on her terms when the industry-norm just didn’t feel right.