098: John A Soricelli Jr of The J&J Coastal Team discusses how best a Lawpreneur can navigate the current residential real estate and mortgage marketplace

John SoricelliJohn Soricelli of The J&J Coastal Team has been a career mortgage professional and a leader in the residential real estate and mortgage industry since 2000. John possesses an in-depth and detailed knowledge of the entire loan process, while truly understanding how to use this information to position his clients in the best light for approval. John has held high level positions at major institutes such as Regional V.P of Sales for a National Lender, with monthly mortgage originations in excess of $5.00B.


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Fail fast to succeed faster

  • Hear how John failed to maximize his efficiency, by not taking advantage of the relationships, or “at bats,” to increase conversion.
  • John recognizes that he and his team had issues with time mangament and delgation.  He realizes that each team member has different strengths that should be utilized in different ways.

Tell us something good

  • John tells us how happy he was when a favorite client sent him a picture of her child’s joyous face as they were getting the keys to their brand new home on a Friday night.

How do you serve a Lawpreneur?

  • John explains that about 70% of his clients are self-employed and 30% are Lawpreneurs.

Favorite Resource

Favorite Books:

  • 212: The Extra Degree 212° the extra degree captures the essence of excellence in an unforgettable way… At 211° water is hot. At 212°, it boils. And with boiling water, comes steam. And with steam, you can power a train. The one extra degree makes the difference. The 212° concept is illustrated through a clear introduction and then supported by a series of thoughts, examples, and facts that will help readers absorb the 212° mindset. Its purpose is to inspire the extra level of effort that produces exponential results. This book will encourage anyone who reads it to give that extra degree of effort…the extra degree that will produce exponential results.

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