008: Joe Dane of Law Office of Joe Dane

What makes a Lawpreneur?  Listen as Joe Dane of Law Office of Joe Dane shares what inspired him to hang out his shingle, and his advice to you.

Joe Dane LargeJoe Dane was a Deputy District Attorney for over 12 years prior to becoming a criminal defense attorney. He worked in Tulare and Orange Counties, prosecuting every type of criminal case, including driving under the influence, theft, three strikes, domestic violence, gang cases and homicides. He spent six years in the prosecution of serious sexual assault cases. Mr. Dane worked closely with law enforcement in a narcotics task force assignment. That assignment included extensive work on search warrants and wiretap cases. He has been named Prosecutor of the Year twice. Mr. Dane has earned the respect of his colleagues in the District Attorney’s Office as well as with the judges he has appeared before. He has handled thousands of cases during all stages of criminal prosecution – from case assessment and the filing of criminal charges to trial and sentencing. Before attending law school, Joe Dane worked for over three years as a reserve Deputy Sheriff with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. During that time, he worked uniformed patrol and was involved in all aspects of criminal investigation, from traffic stops to bank robberies and homicide cases. During his time in the academy, Joe received honors as the top cadet in academics and firearms. He was also recognized as the academy’s best and given the highest award, named Honor Cadet by the Sheriff’s Department. In addition to being a trial lawyer, Mr. Dane has taught extensively on many aspects of the law. He currently teaches all areas of criminal law at a state-approved police academy, including courses on search and seizure law, criminal interrogation and the laws of arrest. He also teaches a course on homicide investigation at a local community college. He has trained other prosecutors during seminars for the California District Attorney’s Association (CDAA) in the areas of trial tactics and crimes against children.

The lawpreneur’s “Oh, man!”

Joe advises against falling for the marketing hype, and doing too many things at once.  Are you a Finder, a Minder or a Grinder?

…and “Oh, yeah!”:

Hiring someone to support him in his practice was an “Oh yeah!” moment.  He knew then the business was sustaining itself and rolling forward!

Current Business:

Joe practices exclusively criminal defense – both misdemeanors and felony matters.  He has taught at the Fullerton College police academy, and mainstream curriculum for the past 10 years.  He is also the creator of Client File.

Favorite Resource:

Client File – It’s the paperless solution you’ve been waiting for. No more briefcase or paper mess – here’s organization and confidence that it’s all in one place.  Client File is designed to replace your physical file.  No internet connection needed.