010: Jeff Carter of eMerchant, Inc.

Jeff Carter LargeWhat serves a Lawpreneur?  Jeff Carter, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, of eMerchant, Inc. has over 20 years’ experience in sales, marketing and finance. eMerchant has been supporting businesses that accept electronic payments since 2002.

Signing up with eMerchant as your premier Merchant Account Service Provider has many advantages. Some are instantly apparent, and some can best be seen over the. eMerchant promises to always guide you in the right direction so your company’s needs are met. You will be offered choices – and only the best ones that have been approved by eMerchant.  eMerchant is one of the leading providers of e-commerce payment solutions. With eMerchant you will receive the best available rates for your business; a Dedicated Account Manager to help you with questions and integration; a Customer Service team focused on your success; Multiple Bank choices; Multiple Gateways compatible with ANY shopping cart; and the ability to accept all major credit and debit cards, e-Checks, and   recurring billing solutions.

eMerchant serves Lawpreneurs: 

Jeff explains that a Lawpreneur needs to give everybody as many ways to pay you as possible in as convenient a manner as possible.  Through eMerchant you can take your retainer face to face or over the phone via a virtual terminal, or even by taking money directly from their checking account.  The option to set up reoccurring billing is also a great resource for Lawpreneurs.  eMerchant approaches their clients from a concierge style service.  They are committed to your growing your business, and have referrals to assist you.

Favorite Resource:

ProVisors:  A group of trusted advisors that operate on the Know – Like – Refer principles.

Best Read:

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