223: Guy DiMartino of Pejic & DiMartino, PC discusses being a Lawpreneur with us.

Duy DiMartinoGuy S. DiMartino of Pejic & DiMartino, PC and the Personal Injury Law Podcast is a Florida Board Certified Civil Trial Lawyer who practices civil litigation in Northwest Indiana and Central Florida. Guy focuses his practice in the areas where law and medicine intersection which could be personal injury, nursing home abuse, healthcare regulation and insurance issues. Guy was initially trained as a chiropractic physician. A 1986 graduate of the National College of Chiropractic and practiced chiropractic for over 17 years before transitioning into the full time practice of law.

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Fail fast to succeed faster

  • Listen as Guy tells us that his lack of patience sometimes gets the best of him.

Tell us something good

  • Guy relates a story of helping a physician in Florida who had a claim against him from the Florida Department of Health regarding an allegedly incorrectly removed organ.  The physician was not going to give in to the Department’s demands and litigated the case for years.  Ultimately the Department of Health withdrew the claim and now the physician runs his own very large and successful practice.

What’s on your desk?

  • Guy tells us that his main focus is Personal Injury and Malpractice litigation.  He is also an expert witness in chiropractic malpractice.  Guy also extends his practice in to regulatory issues, including license defense.

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  • My Case is a web-based legal practice management software built for the modern law firm. Start your free 30 days with My Case today. Tell them Lawpreneur Radio sent you!
  • WestLaw

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