144: Garrett Clance of Meritus Payment Solutions discusses Merchant Processing with us.

Garrett ClanceGarrett Clance of Meritus Payment Solutions is a full disclosure merchant service provider who loves to empower his clients with knowledge.

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How do you Support a Lawpreneur

  • Garrett explains that it is important to be able to accept any method of payment in today’s economy.
  • Meritus has a full range of services from mobile swipe devices for phones all the way up to support large corporate accounts.
  • An on-the-go Lawpreneur needs to be able to accept payment anywhere and any time which can be most easily accomplished with the swipe device.
  • Garrett tells us that along with the swipe device Meritus has a web based gateway that allows you to manage and track your processing.
  • Listen as Garrett reminds us that it is better to swipe a card than to key the card when possible, because there can be a cost difference between the two.
  • Meritus is unique because they are a full disclosure processing company.  Garrett will explain exactly where every penny goes when you use a credit card.
  • Hear Garret tells us that Meritus has no binding contract.  They operate on a month to month relationship and don’t take early termination fees.
  • Garret is offering a free review of your current statement to see where Meritus Payment Solutions can save you money.  Fax your statement to 800-420-1251.  Make sure to include your call back phone number and tell him that Lawpreneur Radio sent you.

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