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137: Evan Polin President of Sandler Training – The Training Resource Group discusses business development and the importance of generating new business with us.

Evan Polin HeadshotEvan is President of The Training Resource Group  in Philadelphia, PA and he provides consulting, training, and coaching to attorneys who are looking to develop more new clients and generate more business. Evan has worked with 1000’s of attorneys over the past 14 years who were looking to either build a book of business, or take the current book of business to the next level.

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Fail fast to succeed faster

  • Listen as Evan tells us he was challenged by not fine-tuning his message enough in the beginning.
  • Evan reminds us that Laser-Focused is what gets him, and everyone else, the best results.

Tell us something good

  • Evan tells us about an attorney who was a partner in a big firm who wasn’t developing her business.  With guidance in the Sandler Training method she is now, 10 years later, managing partner with a seven figure book of business.
  • Hear Evan describe an International Tax Lawpreneur who moved from solo to star.

How do you support a Lawpreneur?

  • The Training Resource Group offers a four step process
    1. Online assessment of the Lawpreneur
    2. Ongoing training
      1. Build a plan
      2. Qualify opportunities
      3. Move out of comfort zone
    3. Individual Coaching
    4. Tracking Results
      1. Ensure that you are tracking your lead indicators
  • The Lawpreneur’s mindset holds them back.  They have to know that it is OK to develop business.  There’s not just one way to do it.  The skills can be learned.

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