154: Evan Lamont of TLG Marketing discusses the Latest Trends for Online Attorney Marketing with us.

Evan-LamontEvan Lamont is the CEO of TLG Marketing, a next generation marketing agency that helps attorneys and law firms generate more revenue through a quantitative, systematic approach to generating new client leads.

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  • Evan tells us about the process they use to define their clients niche to most effectively target online advertising efforts.
  • Hear how TLG has worked with Lanzone Morgan, LLP to have their web presence be among the strongest of Elder Abuse practices in the western US.
  • Evan discusses the importance of A-B testing for designing landing pages that leverage the practices focus on a niche market for online advertising.

Favorite Resource

  • Google AdWords Editor
  • WhatsApp is amazing for communicating with our overseas employees.
  • We also regularly use HootSuite for pushing out client’s and our own social media.
  • I love Unbounce.  It is a terrific service we use to rapidly A:B test landing pages for our online advertising campaigns.

Favorite Books:

  • The E-Myth : Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It .  In this expanded edition of The E-Myth, business guru Michael Gerber adds new information from both small and Fortune 500 companies to guide people through a business’ developmental growing pains, showing them how to turn around a business that doesn’t work into one that works in a predictable and profitable way.

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