023: Brian Turner of American Lawsuit Protection Services, Inc. on How To Kill A Lawsuit

Brian TurnerWhat makes a Lawpreneur? Listen as Brian Turner shares what inspired him to hang out his shingle, and his advice to you.

Brian Turner of American Lawsuit Protection Services, Inc is a former businessman who for more than 20 years was the CEO and president of several companies that provided services for the life insurance industry. He’s been involved in numerous lawsuits both as a plaintiff and as a defendant. He explains how a $20,000 nonbinding arbitration award against him and his company unexpectedly and shockingly exploded into a $2 million judgment! He studied and researched the law extensively for the past 20 years. His conclusion is that everybody living in the United States today is highly vulnerable to a lawsuit that could easily wipe them out because of unpredictable jury verdicts and corruption in our legal system. His recommendation is that everyone must take proactive steps to protect themselves against lawsuits and to protect all of their assets. All of this information is clearly explained in a simple step-by-step approach in this guidebook. Brian Turner is an alumnus of the University of Illinois and he now lives in California.


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What you will learn:

  • There is no study course called, “Lawsuit protection, 101”
  • 15 – 20 million law suits filed each year – that’s an epidemic!
  • No one discusses how to protect ourselves against lawsuits
  • Brian believes that lawsuit protection should be taught in school
  • Brian quoted the Economist magazine in saying that one out of four Americans will be hit with a catastrophic law suit

Brian Turner’s books:

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